About Organic Gardening Services Penarth and Cardiff

Why switch to Organic Gardening?  At Organic Gardening Services we believe a healthy and sustainable garden is a balanced ecosystem. Pest and disease problems are an indication that a garden is not in harmony. 
Solving plant health, pest and disease problems is achieved not by cleaning the garden and applying fertilizers or pesticides, but by employing simple horticultural best practices.  
At Organic Gardening Services we believe that soil improvement, effective deep watering and increasing the variety of plant material are the best way to create a stable and healthy garden.  
Pesticides and chemical solutions can negatively impact your garden's ecosystem.  By killing the targeted pest or other non-targeted beneficial organisms, a food source for beneficial insects and birds is removed.  
Consequently, there may be an unbalanced resurgence of the original pest, or even an outbreak of new pests, which does not occur when a garden is in harmony.  Chemical pesticides are persistent in the environment and can be passed up the food chain effecting many non-targeted organisms.
Williams Roberts is our Chief Gardener and regularly practices Chi Gong thus grounding and bringing him in tune with nature on a daily basis...read more